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About Created

“It’s old news that the world is changing. Technology has been commoditised, automation is increasing and great jobs are hard to find. The skill set and mindset needed to survive, let alone thrive, in the evolving commercial world is dramatically different to even five years ago.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the creative industries. Craft and talent simply aren’t enough to break into a job and establish a successful career.

But higher education is lagging behind. It’s failing to equip graduates with the skills, mindset and character that creative companies demand.

Created is here to bridge that gap and as a result our mission is to support and develop savvy, self-sufficient and commercially aware creatives, to set them up for career success.”

Dom Davenport, Founder and CEO

Who are Created

Where the paths of creativity and learning expertise intersect, you’ll find Created. We are the bridge between creatives seeking opportunity and industry who want to hire a new kind of creative.

We’re here to do meaningful work. We gave up our old lives to bring about real change. We have the chance to not only launch and elevate the careers of countless creatives, but to transform the face of education as we know it.

Dom Davenport
Tim James
Financial Director
Richard Ferrell
Creative Content Manager
Klaudia Marinescu
Learning Designer

Our mentors

Created Mentors are working creatives a few years ahead of you who’ve blazed the trail you’re just starting out on.

We’ve trained them in mentoring so they can guide you on the professional and practical elements of your Created journey.

A mentor’s there to guide you in the areas that they know well, doling out wisdom from their real-life experiences.

They’ll help you to build your portfolio and projects over remote group mentoring sessions and 1-2-1 sessions throughout the professional courses.

Lena Chun
Yoox Net-a-Porter
Motion Designer
Paul Dunkley
S&P Global
Senior Motion Designer
Jenna Maudlin
UX Designer
George Dyson
Motion Designer
Rabeea Wajeeha
Product Strategist
Ben Brown
Super User Studio
Lead Product Designer
Joy Belaouchi
&Joy Studio
Senior Product Designer
Beatrice Righi
OCIO Studio
Eamonn Blake
Agile Films
Motion Graphic Designer
Alex Zepherin
Freelance Motion Designer
Stephanie Dewhirst
Motion Designer
Harry Butt
Motion Designer
Dexter George
Motion Designer
Patrick Gibson
Engine UK
Lead Motion Designer
Jocie Juritz
Motion Designer
Laurie Rowen
Animator Director & Illustrator
Kerry Akif
Hogarth London
Motion Graphics Designer
Tom Kilburn
Animator & Illustrator
Harry Rollin
YOOX Net-A-Porter
Motion designer
Nuria Quero
Freelance Designer
Steven Kelly
Motion Designer
Matt Rowley
Motion Designer
Jessica Tan
Digital Design Director
Tom Tennant
Hogarth London
Motion Graphics Designer
Hashmukh Kerai
Motion Designer
Sabine Volkert
Animator, Illustrator and Motion Designer
Ben Mottershead
Studio BND
Founder & Creative Director
Bella Cologlu
Motion Graphics Designer
Lorenzo Miglietta
This is Now
Creative Director
Andy Ireland
EE and BT
Senior Service Designer
Nick McCarthy
Product Designer
Anton Alfy
Director & Motion Designer
Tiago Higgs
Motion Designer & Art Director
Nadia Speranza
Art Director & Design Professor
Leo Edmonds
UI & Visual Designer
Olly Venning
Super Luminous
Motion Designer & Art Director
Maurizia Carrera
Freelance Motion Designer
Alexandra Spiridon
Creative Navy
UX Designer
Alessandra Boeri
Freelance Motion Designer
Ella Marie Willies
Sweaty Betty
Motion Designer
Venessa Bennett
UX Manager
Monica Giunchi
Reason Digital
Senior Designer

Our coaches

Created Coaches are here to support you through the personal development part of your journey, helping you build that important self-knowledge.

Separate from your Created Mentors, they’re trained experts in coaching for results, with the right tools and techniques to help you get a better understanding of you. They’ll help you perform better at work, support your creativity and thrive when things get tough.

Created Coaches have all worked in the creative industries so they fully understand the world you’re getting into.

Assunta Cucca
Cindy Etsell
Faye Kilgour
Fil Biggs
Hannah Rowland
Tee Twyford
Sarah Rayment
Erik Rodin
Sarah Creevey
Stu Holliday
Paul Cartwright
Chloe Gibb

Our industry experts

You benefit directly from the insights and guidance from these brilliant experts throughout professional courses. They’ve all contributed to the courses via the online learning content and you’ll meet some of them at our live events too.

Andy Needham
Senior Motion Designer
James Sindle
Nick McCarthy
Product Designer
Laurence Honderick
BBC Creative
Head of Design
Meena Ayittey
Director and Motion Designer
Nicola Gastaldi
Director Gasta LTD
Motion Designer
Thiago Maia
Cookie Studio
Founder and Creative Director
Sharon Lock
Creative Director and Head of Design Studio
Niamh O'Donohoe
Senior Producer
Ben Mottershead
Brand Designer
Stu Watson
Founder & Creative Director

Industry board

We’re proud to be doing something completely new in creative education. That is why it’s so important we keep ahead of what creative employers see as the skills of the future. 

Enter our Industry Board; a panel of brilliant leaders and experts from the world of design. They’re here to advise and guide us, shaping our courses and ethos and making sure we create the best and most relevant learning experience possible. 

The Industry Board is a big part of helping us achieve our purpose to reimagine creative education for the real world.

Stu Watson
Founder & Creative Director
Roberta Ronsivalle Pearce
Namah & Partners
Julia Hoffman
Google Creative Labs
Executive Creative Director
James Greenfield
Creative Director and Founder
Adam Jenns

What makes us different?

Created’s approach is unique because our aim is to develop the whole creative person, supporting growth and career success.

To us, that means thinking about you as a person, a professional and a practitioner. The New Creatives of the future, will be those who give attention to developing skills in all 3 areas.


You, the person

What makes you tick?

Personal development is a big deal on our courses and features in a lot of activities and content.

This is about developing your self-knowledge to get a better understanding of your motivations, strengths, values, habits and natural working style.

The more you understand about yourself, the better you’ll be at navigating changing working environments, overcoming challenges, and getting the best from your creativity.

That’s why you’ll have 1-to-1 support from a professional coach to guide you.


You, the professional

The best professional creatives need to be able to do it all. You’ll need to work collaboratively, communicate well and show that you really know how the industry works.

Our courses get you learning and thinking in all these areas, giving you the tools and techniques you’ll need as well as real opportunities to practice them.

Plus, you’ll get 1-to-1 support on our professional courses, from your own industry mentor – a working creative just a few years ahead of you who lives and breathes these professional skills every day.


You, the practitioner

Developing your artistic practice is your life’s work as a creative. Every project will get you sharpening your craft and broadening your skills. Forget where they are in their career, every creative wants to be better than their last piece of work.

On Created courses you’ll have real opportunities to grow your talent as a creative. Over nine months you’ll produce up to 5 new pieces of work for your portfolio that came from real briefs. This work is what will get you ahead in job interviews.

To make sure what you’re producing is relevant and putting your creative skills to the test, it’ll be industry experts setting you the briefs. Expect first-rate feedback on what you’re making every step of the way, as well as 1-to-1 support from your industry mentor.